Alliance of Electronica

Our second album

01- 80's Kid Theme

Genre; Electro

Influence(s): Michael Jackson, Harold Faltermeyer

02- Dark Wave

Genre: EBM, Dance-Rock

Influence(s): Talking Heads, '80's Dark Wave music

03- Lorne Khan

Genre: Worldbeat, Electro-Rock, Synthpop

Influence(s): Peter Gabriel, Gary Numan, David Bowie

04- Star Rabbit

Genre: Dance-Rock, Jazz Fusion

Influence(s): Talking Heads, Gang of Four

05- 'Coon Butt

Genre: Rock, Electro-Funk

Influence(s): Chris Gallo

06- New Wave Returns

See Men in Plaid page.

07- Secret Agent Theme

Genre: Art Rock, Ambient, Electronica

Influence(s): James Horner, Living Daylights Soundtrack, Queen

08- Alliance Anthem

Genre: Electronica, Orchestral

Influence(s): Brad Fiedel

09- Drivin' on the Interstate

Genre: R&B, Synthpop, Afro-Caribbean

Influence(s): Kraftwerk

10- Surfin' Spaceman

Genre: Synthpop, New Age

Influence(s): Peter Schilling

11- Dance of Danger

Genre: Symphonic Rock, Electronica

Influence(s): Europe

12- Sing It Now

Genre: Electro-Rock

Influence(s): Talking Heads

13- Fall of the Alliance

Genre: Avant-Garde, Electronica

Influence(s): Laurie Anderson, Wendy Carlos

14- Feel the Vibe

Genre: Synthpop, R&B

Influence(s): Moby, Gary Numan

15- Nice and Clean (Loving Machine)

Genre: Electro-Rock

Influence(s): Kraftwerk

16- Violin Madness

Genre: Synthpop, R&B

Influence(s): Gary Numan

17- Voices of the Aliens

Genre: Electro-Pop, Psychedelia

Influence(s): Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, New Order