Electronic Dance Music (EDM) Timeline

The history of EDM at a glance.

1968- The so-called "Krautrock" movement begins.

1970- German band Kraftwerk debut.

1972- Instrumental "Popcorn" becomes the world's first electro-pop hit.

1973- Breakbeat is born, but doesn't become popular yet.

1974- Disco developes out of funk.

1975- Industrial music developes alongside punk.

1976- New Age is born.

1977- Donna Summer disco hit "I Feel Love" creates genre of Hi-NRG.

1978- New Wave era begins.

1979- Rap music is created by Afrika Bombaata sampling Kraftwerk.

1981- Roland TR-808 Drum Machine is released.

1982- Electro-Funk is created.

1983- British New Wave band New Order releases "Blue Monday", a highly-influential electronic dance hit.

1984- Italo-Disco genre becomes one of the first completely electronic dance genres.

1986- House Music is Born.

1987- The Rave movement begins.

1989- Electronic Body Music (EBM) and freestyle become very popular.

1990- Techno becomes popular with "What is Love", a notable techno hit; Eurodance is born.

1991- Trip Hop begins to peak.

1992- Jungle music and Drum n' Bass (D&B) are born.

1993- IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) begins to emerge.

1998- Trance becomes popular.

2000-2009- Synthpop makes a comeback; New Rave movement combines rock and electronic dance; Indie era begins.