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My name is Victor Gallo, also known as Victronix, the Earl of Electronica. Being a native of Austin, Texas, it's hard to hide from the music in this town. I am a student at Akins High School. I have muscular dystrophy and therefore I am confined to a wheelchair. This has in no way affected my creativity. In fact it has driven me in this direction. Hence the evolution of my music onto the web and this site.

The kind of music I make is basically electronica with rock, pop, soul, funk, and/or new wave influence. My music, in other words, is heavily-influenced by the '80's. Such influences include Gary Numan, Michael Jackson, Prince, Duran Duran, Talking Heads, Human League, New Order, and various others. I am also the founder of Victorx Productions, a record company and a film production company.

At the present, I am a composer. I work in both Acid Music Studio and Garage Band. With the massive number of loops I have at hand I have not run out of tools. That being said, I am learning to play the keyboards, mainly by ear. Additionally, I am open to the idea of forming a band. My skills are constantly expanding and I welcome the chance to work with other musicians or composers.

On the following pages, you will find both of my albums, a video which aired at the Akins High School Battle of the Bands in 2010, and my first video, An Unlawful Mess, which was the audience favorite at the Disability Film Festival in 2008.

I have a lot more stuff coming out, so this site will be undergoing constant revisions.

Thanks for coming by and stop back when you can.

The Earl of Electronica


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